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We have a thriving recreational department for students who dance for fun, fitness and friendship.  Our classes are encouraging, non-competitive and low-commitment whilst still providing premium tuition, exciting performance opportunities and the access to more intensive training programs if your passion takes over!

We aim for the highest service levels in our recreational Hills District dance classes and achieve this through our actions below:


Our staff have a wealth of experience and qualifications and are hand-picked for their ability to connect with their students and conduct an exciting in-class experience.

Castle Hill Dance Classes


Increasing self-esteem through exciting performance opportunities.  We must also share that all performances are optional and don't require extra attendance to rehearsals or fundraising.

Seven Hills Dance Lessons


We offer fully sprung floors, mirrors, acrobatics equipment and ballet barres with a waiting area and air conditioning for extra comfort.  Our space has been used for professional rehearsals, classes with industry leaders and for the filming of a documentary starring Caroline O'Connor​ and this is the space we provide all our recreational students.

North Kellyville Dance Lessons


We are an Active Kids and Creative Kids provider.  This means you can claim $300 off your fees each year!

Beaumont Hills Dance Lessons


Focus on building confidence through skill progression.  Students are taught curriculum based learning (Royal Academy of Dance and Glenn Wood Tap) which ensures steady progression and consolidation.

Baulkham Hills Dance Classes


We have a growth mindset approach at Caper and so we love​ tangible recognition of effort.  Regular certificates, stickers and collectables are presented to students.  Plus we end the year with an engraved trophy for every student personalised with their name.  We also recognise five-year and ten-year enrolment anniversaries.  We are proud to have awarded over 150 children in the Hills District with their "Decade of Dance" award for enrolment at Caper for ten years!

Stanhope Gardens Dance Lessons


We want every student to reach their potential and we have many recreational students who aspire to increase their skill level in dance.  For students who want to level up their training, there are opportunities to move into programs that include examinations, additional performances and team-based learning.

Dance Classes Kellyville Ridge


We employ a receptionist to be available at all times when your class is on for assistance with parent queries.  If you have a question, they are here to help plus can lend a helping hand for our students whenever it is needed.

Norwest Dance Classes
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