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Caper School of Performing Arts is owned and operated by sisters, Kate and Beth McDermott. They first laid plans for opening a dance school when they were 10 and 12 years old but it was quite some time later than these dreams become a reality!  


Kate and Beth’s philosophy is create the dance studio that they would have loved to attend when they were students. Kate and Beth enjoy re-living their dance memories through their students and love facilitating friendships and providing a means for children to develop confidence through skill progression...

"We wanted to open a dance school because it was a childhood dream of ours.  We love working with kids, sharing our love for dance and having the opportunity to work creatively.  We were led by our hearts but backed by our dance teaching qualifications and performance and choreography experience.


We value our students for the many reasons that may bring them to Caper.  Whether it be for a social, physical or recreational activity or whether it is because they have already discovered a passion for dance, we want to see each of them reach their potential.  We want our students to be learning and developing skills whist they are having fun and forming friendships. 

We now have four young children between us and running a dance school does mean alternative working hours and patient husbands! However, we hope our children will be inspired by our example of pursuing a career we love and working with a purpose." 

Kate and Beth McDermott

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