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Exams are offered annually at Caper and are a great way for students to measure their skills and track their progress.  Students benefit from the formalised learning and the focus on setting individual goals.  Exams also provide a pathway to qualifications in dance and career as a dance teacher.

All students who participate in an exam receive a certificate from the exam organisation, results and feedback plus a badge.  All exam candidates are also awarded a medal from Caper for their efforts and a gift on the exam day.  All this recognition is designed to encourage the students and foster their confidence and self esteem.

We are proud to offer exams as it makes accountable to set teaching standards and internationally recognised syllabi.


Exams are optional at Caper.  If students do not undertake exams they still receive the same level of training and inclusion that an exam student would receive. 

However just the fact exams are offered is a great benefit to all students who attend Caper.  You may not do an exam but you have the  peace of mind that your your child is receiving training from an organisation that teaches to national and international guidelines and is willing for impartial accountability on our practices.  And if you ever change your mind about participating in an exam, it is easy to jump in as all our students have been trained in the curriculum.


The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus is taught in all ballet classes at Caper.  All our ballet teachers have trained in RAD or are qualified with the RAD Teaching Certificate.

The RAD is one of the world’s most influential dance education and training organisations, with its global headquarters in London and HM Queen Elizabeth II as patron.  It is renowned for its commitment to improving the standards of dance teaching and encouraging children to learn to dance.

Caper offers RAD exams from the Primary level right up to vocational grades (Advanced).


Tap exams are offered to students in the Pre-Intermediate level (Year 2 and Year 3) and up.

All our tap teachers are trained in the GWT syllabus and we even have a GWT examiner as part of our permanent faculty.  This means our teachers receive constant liaison, mentoring and training from an exam.

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