Ready Set Dance

This is a fabulous program for boys and girls, that includes jazz, hip hop, singing, music and tap. Your child will love:

  • Busting out their hip hop moves
  • Singing like a star
  • Joining the puppet show
  • Skipping along fairytale lane
  • Floating on their yoga cloud
  • Learning rhythm on our animal safari
  • Jumping in puddles with their tap shoes
  • Playing with our parachutes
  • Performing on stage at our Annual Concert (optional)
  • Going bananas with all of our cool music tracks created by the top music producers from the Australian kids television industry


Ready Set Dance
The Ready Set Dance syllabus has been specifically designed for pre-schoolers. Emphasis is placed on fun and creating confident little people. It is the first stepping stone on your child’s dance journey and it is our aim to make it their favourite weekly activity.

Ready Set Dance is a syllabus that is only run in dance schools that cater for all ages. This means your child will not only be on the right path for their dancing journey but they will also make friendships that often last right through to adulthood. With so much uncertainty surrounding the school transition year, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to change dance studios.

Take a look at the videos below for an insight into what happens at Ready Set Dance!


Ready Set Dance classes are held in fully equipped studios with sprung floors, mirrors and air conditioning. Instructors are carefully selected for their experience and nurturing personalities and all have their Working With Children Checks. Classes are also closely monitored by experienced studio owners by CCTV systems.


Boys and girls love Ready Set Dance classes. The music is a mix of traditional songs and the latest hits that kids love. Jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music, acting – there’s something for everyone. The mascots are ‘Twirl’ and ‘Freeze’. They represent the Ready Set Dance aim to deliver a syllabus that caters for boys as much as girls.


Ready Set Dancers have the option of participating in a concert once a year. Ready Set Dance classes are held at studios known for our fantastic concerts held in professional venues. These concerts are held during the day rather than at a late evening performance. This gives our little dancers their best chance to shine and makes the experience more enjoyable for our families.


Caper is proud to be a Ready Set Dance Studio. All schools selected to offer this program are held in high respect by the dance community. If you wish to continue to the next stepping stone our school can accommodate dancers wishing to pursue dance to the highest level or purely once a week for fun.

Please contact us for more information or to book a free trial class.