Pre-School Dance

A child’s first steps in dance are the most important and Caper has developed one of the most extensive pre-school dance programs in Sydney. Classes are located in our Bella Vista/Norwest studio. We offer three separate streams for toddlers and young children:

Although there are three separate streams, they are all equally committed to providing our youngest students with a fun and age appropriate introduction to dance. Our pre-school classes promote confidence, creativity and physical health. Students are encouraged to develop a love for learning through dance, music and imaginative play.

Exercises and activities are designed keeping in mind the physical and cognitive ability of children this age. Our teachers are handpicked for their ability to engage and inspire this age group.

The beauty of offering three streams for our pre-school students is that parents can choose a program that suits the individual requirements of their child. Choose the program that is catered for you and your tiny dancer.

Apart from the fabulous programs we have in place for the pre-school age level. Caper is a thriving studio for toddlers and teens and everything in between. We have recreational students of all ages as well as advanced students who participate in competitions and exams. Our pre-school students can continue their journey of dance in a school that can nurture them every step of the way.

If you would like information on how to enrol in the pre-school class please contact us.

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