“My DD4 did Ready Set Ballet trial class this morning. Was a really great experience. The room was large, bright and airy. The class structure was well planned to keep the kids engaged and active with props like bright pink feathers and silk scarfs. The instructors were friendly and welcoming and reminded me of TV personalities u might find on a kid show, upbeat and happy. So pleased we found this dance school as it is exactly what we were looking for. “
- Nina, parent

“Thank you Caper for making my little poppet so happy. Lara adores her classes and we love the happy & healthy ethos you always strive for. Being a member of the Representative Team and working towards her 1st R.A.D exam is really shaping La into a beautiful dancer and confident little girl. Thank you Beth, Kate and Team”
- Wendy, parent

“Caper provides & encourages the perfect combination of professionalism, challenge, fun and friendship for all who attend. The balance is perfect.”
- Vanessa, parent

“My daughter has danced with Caper for over 10 years and has formed life long friendships. Great atmosphere catering for all dance styles and abilities.”
- Susan, parent

“I had my daughter at a different school initially that emphasised fun but they didn’t learn much. It was very unstructured and most kids would just run around the entire class. What I like about Caper is that the program is really fun but they are actually learning to dance too.”
- Kristy, parent